Email That Pays

A Cryptocurrency Spam Solution

How BitBounce Works

BitBounce is a free email service that pays you for every message you receive from an unfamiliar sender.

  1. Sign up for free

    and connect your existing email accounts to BitBounce

  2. Sync your contacts

    and set a price to have emails delivered to your inbox from people you don’t know

  3. Get paid to receive

    in the Credo cryptocurrency for messages delivered to your inbox by unfamiliar senders

The Bullet Point Details

A totally free service

BitBounce takes a 30% fee from every email you’re paid to receive. We only get paid if you do.

With your existing addresses

BitBounce works with your existing email addresses that you use every day.

Get paid to receive, not read

You get paid when an email comes into your inbox. There’s nothing else you have to do except read if you want to.

The Bullet Point Details

Works with all major email providers

What Happens to My Emails?

What Happens to My Emails?

People you don’t know receive an autoresponder

The autoresponder let’s unfamiliar senders know you’ve started using BitBounce.

People you do know
never see an autoresponder

Create a whitelist when you sign up to let us know who’s allowed to email you for free.

You can still see unpaid emails… only if you want to

Don’t worry about missing emails not paid to be delivered. They go to an “Unpaid” folder.

You’re in Good Company

Join over 1,000,000 people who use BitBounce every day to take control of their inbox.

“Seriously, you’ve made email awesome again. I’ve used BitBounce on an email account that I’ve had since the year Gmail came out and it has saved my email. What my spam grew to pre-BitBounce was so insane every day! Now I actually get the emails I want and need. Thank you again for your app.”
AJ No, BitBounce User

BitBounce Blog

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BitBounce is powered by the Credo cryptocurrency

Unwanted email demands your attention for free, but not anymore. Now be compensated with the Credo token for every unfamiliar contact and cold email that goes through your inbox. Keep your Credo, cash it in, or trade it to Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies securely on our CredoEx exchange.

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