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A Cryptocurrency Spam Solution

A message from our founder

BitBounce puts you back in charge of your inbox.

Own your inbox

BitBounce is an email paywall that blocks spam and lets you get paid to receive marketing emails from businesses who what to reach you. It’s easy to use, and better yet, it’s 100% free.

Works with all major email providers
Own your inbox
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You’re the rightful owner of your data. You should be paid for it.

BitBounce empowers you to take back control of your time, attention, and data. For years, companies have been paying third-party advertising platforms to show you ads, while using your data in the process. That time has changed.

With BitBounce, any business that wants to use your data and send you email ads will have to pay you directly. With BitBounce in place, 70% of their ad spend is paid directly to you.

It’s easy to sign up and get paid

  • Connect with your existing email

    BitBounce syncs with every major email provider, and operates directly from your native inbox.

  • Set a price for your attention

    Set a paywall price that businesses need to pay to send you marketing emails. The average paywall price is $0.10 per email.

  • Continue using your inbox

    BitBounce is powerful, yet invisible. The software will automatically ask those outside of your contact list to pay your inbox fee to send you emails.

We need your permission to link BitBounce to your email, but know we never read your email data.

It’s easy to sign up and get paid
Less spam

Less spam, automatically

When senders outside of your contact list try to send you an email, BitBounce will send them an autoresponse with a prompt for the sender to pay your paywall price.

If they pay, you’ll receive their email along with your fee. If they don’t, their emails will be bounced to an “unpaid” folder, where you can read them later.

What happens with my emails?

Runs on Credo Cryptocurrency

We built our own cryptocurrency, Credo, to make payments as smooth and fast as possible. Any income you make with BitBounce is paid out to you immediately in Credo, which can be exchanged into a number of other leading currencies, including USD, instantly.

Runs on Credo Cryptocurrency

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