Why BitBounce?
Why we built this for you

BitBounce was first launched as an experimental feature to an email product our founder, Stewart, had been working on. It was meant to be a feature for users to protect their inboxes and get compensated for their attention.

Overnight, the feature experienced massive usage, and they took the difficult but important call of pivoting their entire email product to BitBounce and make the email paywall their primary focus.

Cryptocurrency was the obvious way to power these global micropayments and the founders decided to launch their own cryptocurrency, Credo, to let the community participate in the economics of the email market place. The Credo ICO was supported by Tim Draper and was held successfully in 2017 raising over 11.3 million dollars.

Since that experimental feature, BitBounce has scaled to well over a million users, people are earning Credo to receive emails, their inboxes have heaved a sigh of relief, and Credo is being traded actively on exchanges including our own, CredoEx. BitBounce ads is the latest in the product line allowing enterprises to send paid marketing emails to the BitBounce user base, allowing BitBounce members to earn more while still respecting their inboxes.


  • Stewart Dennis Stewart Dennis Founder, Chief Executive Officer


  • Tim Draper Tim Draper Founding Partner of Draper Associates
  • Reid Dennis Reid Dennis Founding Partner of IVP


  • Oleg Oleg Chief Technology Officer
  • Nick Nick Lead Front-End Engineer
  • Zaid Zaid Director of Compliance & Customer Success
  • Sergey Sergey Senior Full-Stack Engineer
  • Ivan Ivan Senior Back-End Engineer
  • Divya Divya QA Engineer
  • Sergey Sergey Back-End Engineer
  • Ninad Ninad Data Engineer


  • Chandler Guo Chandler Guo Blockchain Angel Investor