Our Mission

Imagine a world where you are paid for your attention.
Imagine a world where you receive a share of all those advertising dollars being spent on you.
Imagine the day where businesses pay you to market to you.
Imagine if your attention was as valuable as the products you buy.

Our vision is a world where people will be paid for their attention and our mission is to create the global market for attention.


  • Stewart Dennis Stewart Dennis CEO, Co-Founder
  • Alexis Dennis Alexis Dennis Designer, Co-Founder


  • Chandler Guo Chandler Guo Advisor, Crypto Angel Investor


  • Tim Draper Tim Draper Founder, Draper Associates
  • Reid Dennis Reid Dennis Founder, IVP


  • Oleg Oleg Chief Technology Officer
  • Nishant Nishant Senior Product Manager
  • Nick Nick Lead Front-End Engineer
  • Ivan Ivan Senior Back-End Engineer
  • Sergey Sergey Senior Full-Stack Engineer
  • Mark Mark Test Engineer
  • Marty Marty Director of Business Development
  • Zaid Zaid Customer Success & Compliance Lead
  • Divya Divya QA Engineer