Announcing a Huge Upgrade to BitBounce

September 4, 2018


Announcing a Huge Upgrade to BitBounce

Dear BitBounce user,

I’m excited to share that we’ve launched a huge upgrade to BitBounce today. When you login next, you’ll find a new beautiful and fast interface with revamped functionality.

Our upgraded product dramatically simplifies the experience of managing your email paywall, paid email earnings, and your whitelist.

With the new UI, you can do the following:

View analytics on your email paywall and recently received paid emails:

Manage your whitelist:

Update your settings, such as your paywall amount:

Add more email accounts:

And buy more Credo via an in-app purchase:

This is the biggest update to BitBounce’s interface since it was first invented.

I believe that this upgrade brings the quality of our interface to the high standards that we strive to produce and that you deserve to have. Click here to start using the new product today.