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9 Beautiful Email Designs to Draw Inspiration From

February 25, 2019


9 Beautiful Email Designs to Draw Inspiration From

If you’re involved with email marketing, you’ll know first-hand how many unglamorous, yet critical aspects go into running a successful email campaign. Besides writing compelling copy and selecting the right images, good email marketers need to take care of things such as optimizing emails for HTML and setting up lead-nurturing workflows.

But, as these beautifully designed emails prove, there are plenty of brands out there who know exactly how to combine beauty and functionality when putting together an email campaign. If you’re looking to create, captivate, and delight with your next email campaign, here are nine beautiful email designs that are sure to excite and inspire you.

1. Starbucks

We love how Starbucks let pictures dictate the story in this email. Better yet, you wouldn’t even immediately think that the email is trying to sell you something. 

Instead of pushy sales copy, the email offers friendly, helpful ideas – “Learn how to make iced coffee,” and a free coffee offer that’s hard to ignore. The copy is highly scroll-worthy and the enticing images make you think “Yum,” instead of “How much?”

The photos of coffee being poured act like directional arrows, guiding your gaze down towards the following images. If you make it to the end of the email, you’ll notice that the call-to-action – “See your stars,” is very understated. This increases the likelihood that recipients of this email will click through to Starbuck’s website. Very classy, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Fortnite

Having raked in an estimated $2.4 billion in revenue through 2018, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, have plenty of cash to spend on email marketing. As this clean and sophisticated promotional email shows, Epic is certainly putting their budget to good use. This email brilliantly uses attractive fonts, a clear layout, and original artwork to help generate user engagement. 

The email is centered largely around Fortnite’s latest season (Season 8) and advertises that the ‘Battle Pass’ (an in-game purchase to unlock rewards and items) can be earned for free by completing certain tasks within the game. One of the most powerful design techniques in this email is its consistent color scheme. The pink from the Fortnite logo is used for the image backgrounds and the subheadings throughout the email. This helps tie the email together and generate more user engagement.

3. Tesla

This concise email from Tesla features a clean design and good use of color. In design, the color red signifies power and Tesla puts this to solid effect, drawing the reader’s eye towards the number of miles that its electric cars have covered and the call-to-action near the bottom of the email.

Tesla’s beautiful email combines punchy copy with crisp graphics to help the recipient understand the contents of the email without having to sift through explainer text. We’re impressed by this email’s use of graphics to help convey meaning while keeping the text to a minimum.

4. Warby Parker

Emails from New York City-based glasses retailer Warby Parker are unfailingly on point. What better way to showcase their latest range of sunglasses than to recruit the help of some adorable dogs? The email makes it almost impossible for recipients to avoid admiring the eyewear on display, even if they scroll quite quickly down the page.

Design-wise, this email stands out for its excellent use of white space, its clear horizontal and vertical divides, and the clever combination of easily scannable copy and original high quality images.

We also love how Warby Parker incorporated a calming blue theme throughout this email. The light blue title matches the blue in the photo backgrounds, helping connect the email together. Another touch is the lighthearted call-to-action element – “See more dogs” – under the more formal “See more sunglasses,” button.

5. Chobani

When Hamdi Ulukaya moved to New York in the early 2000s, he discovered that he simply couldn’t find delicious Greek yogurt he was used to from his native Turkey. After buying a small yogurt plant in 2005, Hamdi made it his mission to produce delicious, natural Greek yogurt and Chobani was born. Chobani’s culture of ‘better food’, ‘innovation’ and ‘giving back’ shine through this beautiful email.

The email is built around a stunning shot of delicious pumpkin scones on a speckled blue tablecloth. This helps emphasis Chobani’s culture of better food that is nutritious, natural, delicious, and accessible. The image also highlights the spark that started the Chobani journey – innovation. Odds are, glazed pumpkin scones are a fusion recipe that many wouldn’t have seen before. To find out, they have to scroll down and read the copy!

6. GasBuddy

This email from GasBuddy is an excellent example of a themed product promotion that ties into Valentine’s Day. The neon heart is reminiscent of gas station logos and conjures up feelings of driving while keeping the copy minimal.

We admire the bold color scheme and the use of contrasting colors on this email. The red-on-blue color scheme in the top half of the image (the red CTA ‘Share now’ on a blue background) is reversed in the lower section, helping to focus the recipients’ attention on what to read next.

7. Wynd

This stunning advertising email from Wynd for their smart personalized air purifier strikes a great balance between functionality and beauty. It relies on black for the base with bright images and clear copy on top, making it easy to read. The white-on-black color scheme helps draw the viewers’ attention to the logo, social media tabs, and the green call-to-action tab at the bottom.

Wynd’s expertly designed email manages to balance the visuals with the text, making the email easy to skim through. This helps get the point across with minimal amounts of copy.

8. Kodable

You might expect a beautiful email from a company that specializes in teaching programming – and this snappy welcome email from Kodable doesn’t disappoint! Kodable is a company that helps kids learn how to code.

Its adorable email features great use of white space and catchy copy with a striking call-to-action that helps encourage new students. In addition, including a real employee’s email address – [email protected] – is a cool touch that makes the service feel more personable, instead of seeming like a faceless corporation. 

9. Lumen5

According to Litmus, a company that lets you build, test, and monitor your emails in real time, the top three email design trends for 2019 will likely be:

  • Focusing more on personalization
  • Creating interactive email experiences, and
  • Allowing AI and machine learning systems to determine more email content

Lumen5’s beautifully designed email perfectly showcases all three of these design trends. Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously generate unique videos from articles in your RSS feed. The software then emails you with a unique AI-generated video preview, tailor made for you.

Pretty powerful, right?

Lumen5’s highly personalized and interactive approach to email marketing is supported by a smart layout with clean divides, powerful color choices, and crisp copy. The email’s call-to-action button – ‘View video’ – is bright and engaging, helping create a compelling experience for the recipient.

The Best Converting Email Advertising

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