The 6 Best Time Management Apps to Make You More Productive

March 11, 2019


The 6 Best Time Management Apps to Make You More Productive

Managing time has become challenging as technology has increasingly bombarded us with more information and content. Fortunately, there are some great apps available to help you manage your time more effectively. Some help manage your schedule, some keep you focused, while others remove distractions. We’ve selected our favorite apps within each of six categories to help you win back your time and become more productive:

For Scheduling and Tasks: MyLifeOrganized

There are lots of scheduling and task management options out there (Outlook and Gmail can even be used for this). However, if you really want to get on top of your workflow and to do list, MyLifeOrganized is extremely powerful. The app stands out when it comes to multitasking and managing multiple projects and tasks for your work and personal life.

MyLifeOrganized has a number of useful features. The app allows you to easily create and drag/drop tasks around your schedule. You can also divide large tasks into sub-tasks to make things more manageable.

Rather than opening the app itself, you can actually send an email to create a new task. It will also create smart lists in which it prioritizes your tasks based on deadlines and your schedule.

The app is available for Windows, Android and iOS devices, with cloud access allowing you to backup and sync devices. There are a range of pricing options (including free) based on features and the devices you use.

To Collaborate Productively: Asana

Asana is rapidly establishing itself as a favorite project management app because of its ease of use. There are lots of project management and team collaboration apps on the market now, but Asana has remained the favorite based on its intuitive design and features.

While Asana is primarily used for teams to collaborate on projects, individuals can use it to manage more complex projects too.

The biggest advantage of Asana is that it allows you, and everyone involved in a project, to see where everything stands at a glance. You can see what’s been completed, tasks in progress, and approaching deadlines, all on one page. Team members can communicate, alter the timeline and share their progress within the app too. You can even save common work processes as template for future use.

Asana is available for all devices and operating systems. Most users are happy with the browser version when working on a PC, and then use the app on their mobile device. Asana has a range of pricing options based on the size of team and the complexity of projects. The great news is that the free version is more than capable for individuals and small teams!

To Track Your Time: RescueTime

They say knowledge is power, and that goes for managing your day too. There’s a good chance you don’t even realize how much time you waste on social media and other websites or on activities that add nothing to your productivity. RescueTime allows you to track the time you spend on different applications and websites, and then provide daily, weekly, monthly and even annual reports on your time usage.

RescueTime is about as simple as it sounds. It tracks the time you spend on different applications and websites, thereby giving you an idea of how much time you spend on different activities. You can also use a timer to make sure you focus on a specific task for a certain amount of time. Over time the app will help you improve your time management habits and spend more time on the stuff that counts.

RescueTime syncs across all your devices, and therefore tracks your time as you move from one device to the next.

The basic version is free for an unlimited time. If you want more powerful features, you can subscribe to the premium version for $9 a month or $72 a year. This version allows you to track time away from your computer, block certain websites and receive alerts when you reach certain goals.

To Get in The Right Mood: [email protected]

One of the trends gathering momentum is focus-based time management. It’s great having a schedule, but if your mind is scattered, you probably won’t adhere to it properly. [email protected] tackles this problem by providing a timer, a time tracking function, and even music conducive to concentration.

The app, which is available via web browser or mobile app, allows you to choose playlists based on a number of criteria including your type of work, personality, or specific preferences. Music includes classical, acoustic and ambient, and others. There are also natural sounds like running water, crashing waves and rain, and a selection of beats designed to regulate your brainwaves.

[email protected] is available on an initial trial version, after which subscriptions start at $8.33 a month.

To Remove Distractions: Cold Turkey

Continuing with the theme of maintaining focus, another approach is to remove distractions. There are several apps that help you block websites and applications. Our best pick is Cold Turkey.

Cold Turkey can block websites, applications, certain devices, or even the entire internet. But beware, this is the only distraction blocker that can’t be cheated, because once you block something for a period of time, you can’t go back.

You can also give yourself daily time limits for websites or create breaks in your schedule when you can visit anything you wish. There’s also an option to turn your PC into a typewriter, giving you access to a word processing application and nothing else. So, whether you want to eliminate distractions completely, or regulate the time you waste, Cold Turkey has you covered.

Cold Turkey is available exclusively for Windows PCs. The basic version is free, while the premium version goes for a one-time fee of $25.

There are lots of alternatives to Cold Turkey, but they tend to be device dependent. Mac users can try “SelfControl”, iOS users can try “Freedom”, while Android users can use “Stay Focused”.

To Incentivize Better Habits: Forest

Forest takes a very different approach to keeping you on track by creating a psychological incentive to keep you off your smartphone. When you open the app, you plant a seed which grows into a tree as long as the app remains open. But when you leave the app (and use other apps on your phone) the tree begins to wither and die.

Each tree represents a block of time which you set when you start. So, if you stay on the app for the entire time, your tree will grow to its full potential – longer time periods are rewarded with larger trees. Each tree will then be added to a forest that will grow and flourish. When you wander from the app, your tree will die, and you will be left with a lifeless log in your forest. To get rid of the log you must pay, or watch an ad.

Forest is available for Android and iOS devices and as a chrome extension – so you can also use it on your PC. The ad supported version is free, but the pro-version only costs $1.99!

Okay, we said there were 6 apps, but we are throwing in a bonus app. This product will help you manage your email inbox and therefore your time:

To Manage Your Inbox and Spam Folder: BitBounce

Keeping on top of emails is a well-known key to being productive. BitBounce helps you own your inbox by allowing you to charge businesses to receive their marketing emails. It connects with any existing email platform and blocks spam while also earning you money passively.

Once you’ve set up an account and linked your email account to the service, you add you’re your known contacts to a ‘whitelist’. An email messages arriving from one of your contacts will go into your inbox just like it normally would.

When an email arrives from someone you don’t know, that sender will be asked to pay your inbox fee (which you set). If they pay, the email will be delivered as usual. If they don’t, that email is bounced to a separate folder where you can read if if/when you wish.

Signing up is easy and takes less than one minute!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the most useful time management apps. Stay productive, and let us know in the comments if you have any other favorites.