BitBounce Wins Patent Allowance

April 4, 2019


BitBounce Wins Patent Allowance

I’m thrilled to share with you that BitBounce’s email paywall patent was approved by the USPTO.

This will give us the exclusive right to develop our market for email attention, and help you earn more from paid emails ads.

We take our new stewardship of these rights seriously, and are committed to bringing the full potential of our email paywall to fruition. There are nearly 4 billion email users worldwide and we want to bring BitBounce to the largest portion of them possible.

The spread of BitBounce will not only solve many users’ email spam problems, but it also has the potential to deliver meaningful income from paid email ads to a large part of humanity.

We are committed to using our email paywall to change the status quo and empower you to take back real ownership of your data, and to earn considerable value for your attention.

Please join me today in driving towards a world where you finally own your inbox.


Stewart Dennis
Co-Founder and CEO