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BitBounce’s New Bug Bounty Page

November 14, 2018


BitBounce’s New Bug Bounty Page

BitBounce’s New Bug Bounty Page

Celebrating BitBounce’s successful bug bounty program

BitBounce has been operating a successful bug bounty program for months now, giving out over 100,000 Credo in bounties. To take our bug bounty program to the next level, we’ve launched a new bug bounty page where people can submit their bug bounty reports directly.

Our bounty program will continue to cover BitBounce, BitBounce Ads, and CredoEx. We will continue to offer a 1,000 Credo bounty for any valid, critical vulnerabilities we were not already aware of.

We take security extremely seriously at BitBounce and welcome any vulnerability reports from anyone, as long as they abide by the rules on our bounty page. We are very willing to reward participants in our program, as well as develop long term relationships with them.

Take a look at our new bug bounty page and start sending in your reports to earn Credo!