BitBounce Credo Updates

BitBounce and Credo Community Update

May 30, 2018


BitBounce and Credo Community Update

2018 has been an exciting year thus far for BitBounce + Credo and we are gearing up for even more growth in the coming months.

That said, we want to share several recent big updates from BitBounce and Credo with our community:

1.) 400,000 active BitBounce users 

These are users who are actively using BitBounce every day. The total number of registered users is significantly higher (more than 1.5 Million), although the active user metric is what we focus on. We also share the most current number live on our website for anyone to see. 

2.) Released our updated Whitepaper

You can find the updated Credo whitepaper here and the original Credo whitepaper here. This updates our roadmap and introduces the motivations and plans for CredoEx.

3.) Launched CredoEx:

The Easiest Way to Trade Credo

  • CredoEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange for BitBounce users and other Credo owners to trade.
  • This is an important addition to the BitBounce and Credo community. With CredoEx, when BitBounce users earn Credo via BitBounce emails they can now easily trade them into other currencies on CredoEX.
  • In our white paper describing the motivation for CredoEx. The first motivator for CredoEx we listed was:
    • “Community priorities: Following the Credo token sale, our community of owners frequently expressed that exchange support and token liquidity were among their top priorities. Moreover, new BitBounce users would frequently inquire about how to convert their Credo tokens into another currency such as dollars or bitcoins.” -Credo White paper section
  • Before launching CredoEx on May 1 we were seeing about 40,000 Credo traded daily on exchanges. Since launching CredoEx on May 1 we have consistently seen between 1,000,000 – 1,500,000 Credo traded daily. This is a 24-36X increase in trading volume.
  • Demand has been strong for CredoEx and upcoming additions to the platform as more and more people register to trade on CredoEx.
  • More than 11,700,000 Credo have been deposited into CredoEx by our community.

4.) Private testing of BitBounce for Business

  • We have recently been testing and building out BitBounce for Business. We referred to this as BitBounce Enterprise in our white paper, sections and, now called BitBounce for Business.
  • There are two main reasons we hear often for people to use BitBounce:
    • Block spam emails and have a clutter free inbox
    • Get paid for emails delivered to their inbox
  • Our user base is growing by about 3,000 – 4,000 new users daily. The main benefit we’ve provided so far has been blocking unwanted emails. The next phase is to make BitBounce the easiest way to get paid for your existing email. BitBounce for Business allows any organization – from a token project to non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations – to accelerate the growth of their community by sending BitBounce email campaigns to our growing user base.
  • BitBounce for Business is designed to be the best way to send effective email campaigns and it is built for our users to realize the value of their time and attention in their email inbox.

5.) What is coming next

  • Upgrading the BitBounce mobile, dashboard and Chrome plugin user experience
  • Making it easier to be paid—and pay—for emails
  • Bringing BitBounce for Business to market
  • Deeper integration between BitBounce and CredoEx accounts
  • Advanced trading features and support for new tokens on CredoEx

6.) Growing our team

We have grown to a team of 12 full-time team members and we are hiring more! If you are interested to join our journey and work with a great team, we would love to hear from you.

To Infinity and Beyond!