CredoEx: A Brand New Cryptocurrency Exchange

May 15, 2018


CredoEx: A Brand New Cryptocurrency Exchange

BitBounce team launches own exchange to bring liquidity to Credo token

Last year our team created a solution to finally, once and for all, fix the problems of email overload. We called it BitBounce. The idea behind this product is simple: we put a paywall on email inboxes so that users get paid to receive emails delivered to their inbox from people they don’t know.

BitBounce has since exceeded our highest expectations. We now have over 320,000 active users of our email paywall, a brilliant team driving forward the project, and tremendous resources from the Credo ICO to realize the full potential of our vision.

While spreading adoption of our solution, we found it was missing something critical. Users needed a better way to convert amounts of the Credo cryptocurrency they earned into other currencies that they could more readily use.

At first, we hoped that others might step forward to fill this gap; when they failed to do so, we took this problem into our own hands.

Today we’re announcing our brand new cryptocurrency exchange — CredoEx.

CredoEx is a beautiful, fast, and user-friendly exchange that supports trading between Credo and Ether with more currencies coming soon. (If you’re interested in listing with us in the future, please send an email to [email protected])

We developed CredoEx from the ground up with the explicit goals of providing superior reliability and user experience compared to existing exchanges, and I think we’ve made great progress towards those ends. While incumbents offer sluggish market-leadership that hinders progress, our team will continue to be fast and responsive within the changing climate of technical needs and regulation.

We’re aiming to have CredoEx serve as the primary source of liquidity for the new email market we’re creating, and to become a premier global cryptocurrency exchange for other assets.

Our exchange will be available on May 1st. If you complete the email and identity verification process before launch day, you’ll earn complementary Credo as a token of respect from us to you. Go to to pre-register.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are foundational for the blockchain industry and the future of global finance, but the existing products suffer from various weaknesses such as considerable downtimes; cryptocurrency prices are unreliable, but the software for exchanging them shouldn’t be.

Moreover, CredoEx will be an important part of our ecosystem by providing liquidity between consumers who have the BitBounce paywall installed and enterprises who pay them to get through. Our exchange will create an efficient market as we grow to cover the 4.3 billion email accounts around the world and the companies who want to reach them.

I believe our team has the ability to develop CredoEx into a product that can set a new technical standard for cryptocurrency exchanges, and make this email market truly reward you for your attention.

We’ll see you on the exchange.