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CredoEx Launches Trading for 0x and Bancor

June 21, 2018


CredoEx Launches Trading for 0x and Bancor

BitBounce and CredoEx can be your gateway to the crypto economy. You can use the former to earn Credos for your attention, and then the latter to purchase other crypto assets and services. That said, you don’t want to stop at the gate.

That’s why today we’ve launched trading for 2 new cryptocurrencies that open additional doors through facilitation of trading into other tokens — 0x and Bancor. The protocols associated with these currencies can help you access a plethora of additional assets that aren’t yet listed on CredoEx.

Start trading these new cryptocurrencies today on CredoEx.


Stewart Dennis

Founder and CEO
BitBounce and CredoEx



What is CredoEx

CredoEx is a cryptocurrency exchange developed and brought to you by the Tim Draper backed team based in Silicon Valley that successfully launched and scaled the BitBounce service and the Credo token. CredoEx supports the Credo/ETH and Credo/TrueUSD trading pairs with more coming soon. CredoEx was developed to be extremely fast, reliable, and secure, characteristics that are much needed in this product category.


What is Credo (CREDO)

Credo is the digital currency that lets BitBounce users protect their email inboxes. Credo acts as the token of exchange that allows emails from strangers to enter your inbox, and lets you get paid to receive them.


What is BitBounce

BitBounce is a blockchain based email spam solution with more than 445,000 active users and more than 1,700,000 registered accounts that also allows users to be paid for emails in their inbox. BitBounce uses a cryptocurrency token called Credo. Fees charged to reach inboxes and to incentivize responses are paid in Credo. BitBounce also facilitates incentivized email marketing for businesses through which emails can be sent with cryptocurrency amounts attached.


What is Bancor Token (BNT)

BNT is a hub token that connects all tokens in the Bancor Network, allowing them to be easily convertible to each other. BNT can always be purchased simply by sending ETH to an address — which instantly issues BNT tokens back to the sender, according to its current price, per the formulas in the Bancor Protocol white paper. Liquidating BNT to ETH is always possible as well through the same method. The total circulating supply of BNT is ever changing, BNT tokens are created when ETH is sent to their smart contract and destroyed when a user ‘sells’ their BNT back to the contract. Read the Bancor whitepaper here.


What is 0X (ZRX)
0x is an open and non-rent seeking protocol that facilitates trustless, low friction exchange of Ethereum-based assets. Developers can use 0x as a platform to build exchange applications on top of. For end users, 0x is the infrastructure of a wide variety of user-facing applications. Read the 0x whitepaper here.