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New on BitBounce Ads: CTA Buttons, Templates and Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

January 30, 2019


New on BitBounce Ads: CTA Buttons, Templates and Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

Drag-and-Drop Email Campaign Editor, High Converting Email Templates, CTA Buttons

BitBounce has a new look, and so do ads on BitBounce. As an advertiser on BitBounce Ads, you can now:

  • Select from 3 high converting templates
  • Use a simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Add effective call-to-action (CTA) buttons for all your ads
  • Reach millions of tech savvy people with custom paid advertising

Edit in style and confidence with BitBounce Ads.

Three new ways to create great marketing emails with BitBounce:

1.) Select a Template

Choose from 3 high performing templates optimized for attention grabbing emails.

Or, create your own amazing marketing emails with our simple to use drag-and-drop editor.

2.) Call-to-Action Buttons (CTAs)

Make your ad more effective with a Call-to-Action button.

  • Inspire action with clear direction
  • Grab attention of well-informed users and turn them into qualified leads
  • Customize CTA buttons for your brand
  • Automatically track click thru rates on your dashboard

3.) Drag-and-Drop your content with ease

BitBounce Ads Drag and Drop Email Editor

The new BitBounce drag-and-drop email editor enables you to create your brand’s best email marketing campaigns yet.

You now have full control to customize images, headlines, colors, templates, CTA buttons and more. And you can proof every email as many times as you need to get it just right. You can even send a proof to the BitBounce team for editing or review.

Millions of people use BitBounce to bring sanity to their email inbox.

BitBounce Ads is your way to engage directly with these millions of tech savvy users who use BitBounce every day.

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