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GPDR Compliant: Now Accepting European Users

December 4, 2018


GPDR Compliant: Now Accepting European Users

Today, BitBounce is pleased to announce that all of its services are now open to European users due to our company being compliant with the European Union’s GDPR regime. A commitment to robust data privacy and user education toward data privacy best practices is a core tenet of our company and something we pride ourselves on each and every day. This commitment has informed not only our new practices to remain in compliance, but is also reflected in our recently updated Privacy Policy – which explicitly outlines what personal data we collect and how we use that data.

In the coming months, our company plans to further strengthen our data privacy practices so as to ensure that they are industry leading and never fall short of the proverbial gold standard. We have, currently, and will always strive to support and effectuate any and all individuals’ data privacy rights and privileges. In BitBounce, you will find a team wholly committed to effecting data privacy practices that respect and empower each and every user, as we create a marketplace for attention.