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How to Earn Bitcoin for Free: 6 Easy Ways

October 9, 2018


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free: 6 Easy Ways

Given the volatility of the crypto market, many people are now more cautious when investing their hard earned dollars into crypto. But, what if you didn’t have to spend a cent to begin building a portfolio of cryptocurrencies? It’s possible to earn crypto for free and doing so is a great way to start learning about the industry. This article covers a few methods to earn various cryptocurrencies, all of which can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

First: Why You Should Earn Free Crypto

One way or another, cryptocurrencies are going to be part of our future, and we’re all going to need to understand them. Building a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, however small, can help provide exposure to the industry. Cryptocurrencies are different from what we traditionally know as money, or fiat currencies.

Because cryptocurrencies have very low transaction fees, they are ideal for automated micropayments. In the future people will be able to earn revenue from multiple sources for completing tasks, viewing ads and content, testing software and sharing storage and network access. Some of the methods to earn Bitcoin listed below are a great way to get accustomed to this new evolving economy.

PSA: Keeping safe while earning free Crypto

Before earning Bitcoin online, it’s important to remain vigilant. Here are a couple of red flags to look out for:

  • Any opportunity that promises big payouts is likely not real. The legitimate opportunities to earn free crypto generate modest amounts.
  • You should never be required to part with your credit card details in order to participate in a legitimate opportunity to earn crypto. You will have to provide a wallet address, but no banking details or private keys.
  • You should never have to send crypto to an address to receive crypto in return – no matter how many times it will supposedly be multiplied.

All of the options below have been vetted by the community, but you should always be aware of the above rules.

1. Bitcoin Faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a website or app that pays out small amounts of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to people who complete simple tasks (such as filling out captchas). Typically, these sites are trying to generate traffic or share content. The amounts they pay are small, but they are real. There are hundreds of Bitcoin Faucets on the web, with some of the better known ones listed here.

2. Viewing Ads and Completing Surveys

A few sites like PointsPrizes give users points which can be converted into gift cards in return for viewing ads, completing surveys and watching videos. The gift cards can be converted to Bitcoin or credits for PlayStation, Google Play and other sites.

3. Reading and Sharing Posts on Pivot

Pivot is an iOS and Android App which pays users its own native cryptocurrency, PVT, for inviting friends and reading a sharing posts. Once a user’s balance is high enough their PVT holdings can be withdrawn as USD or Bitcoin. You can access Pivot here.

4. Creating and Curating Content

Steemit is a content platform that pays both creators and curators of content. If you enjoy blogging you can earn Steem tokens for posting blog posts. You can also earn tokens by voting for posts you like, sharing content or making useful lists of links. You can access Steemit here.

5. Renting Out Hard Drive Space

If you have a computer that is online all the time, with unused hard drive space, you can rent it out. This applies particularly to small businesses or anyone with a fair amount of computing power. Storj is just one of a few companies setting this up – you can join their waitlist to rent out your hard drive here.

6. Earn Free Bitcoin From Your Email

BitBounce is an email spam solution that allows users to earn cryptocurrency in return for receiving marketing emails, while also filtering out unwanted spam. All you have to do is add BitBounce to your existing email, and start passively earning cryptocurrency! BitBounce can be used with every email provider including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Aol.

BitBounce’s cryptocurrency exchange, CredoEx, recently added support for Bitcoin. This means BitBounce users can easily convert the Credo cryptocurrency they earn from emails into Bitcoin.

To start earning free Bitcoin from BitBounce, sign up here: