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Introducing BitBounce Ads – Make More Money

July 31, 2018


Introducing BitBounce Ads – Make More Money

Dear BitBounce user,

Our team set out last year to transform the global email network into a market that pays users for their attention. We built BitBounce to put a paywall on user inboxes and grew it to over half a million active users. We created Credo so our network could have a cryptocurrency that represents the value put on attention. We then developed CredoEx to enable users to more easily convert their Credo earnings into other currencies and participate in the crypto economy.

Now, today, we’re launching the next and most consequential piece of this system: BitBounce Ads.

BitBounce Ads is an advertising platform that allows marketers to reach paywall users like you for the price you specify, and pays you 70% of the advertising spend. The email advertisements are delivered to your inbox and the advertising payments are made directly into your CredoEx wallet, so they’re available for trading immediately. We have saturation limits in place to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by too many paid emails. You also have the option to receive more or fewer paid emails by adjusting your paywall price.

This innovation is significant because it can considerably improve your earnings from paid email. We believe the way online advertising works today must change and end users should benefit from that change. Our plan is to grow a large advertising business around BitBounce Ads, and the great thing here is that you, our users, will receive the majority share of ad spend.

As we continue to piggyback our growth on the existing global email network, BitBounce Ads has the potential to change the world by uplifting many who are in financial need. In fact, we believe that BitBounce Ads pioneers a new paradigm of Paid Ad Consumption to serve as an alternative to a Universal Basic Income, with the advantage that payments can be distributed to a global user base rather than just a national population of constituents.

This breakthrough came from our work on solving the problem of significantly increasing your income from paid email, and I believe what we’ve developed is a highly effective solution. You should already be receiving more paid email advertisements, and our adoption from advertisers is only just beginning.

With BitBounce Ads, we have delivered on the promise of Email That Pays. The key components of the system implementing our email market are in place. Now, we’ll keep improving those components, grow our adoption from half a million into the billions of email users, and work with more advertisers so that, finally, you and people around the world will become the ultimate beneficiaries of the digital economy.


Stewart Dennis

Co-Founder & CEO

p.s. For more information, please see the release issued below, or see the recent piece BitBounce Ads was featured in.


BitBounce Ads Release


On July 31st 2018, BitBounce launched a revolutionary, patent-pending advertising platform called BitBounce Ads.

BitBounce Ads pays cryptocurrency to end users for every advertisement delivered to them. These users receive 70% of all advertising spend, allowing them to be compensated for their attention. The advertisements are delivered as emails to active users of BitBounce’s inbox paywall, with the amount of cryptocurrency paid determined by the price they put on their paywall (typically $0.05).

The payments are made in the Credo cryptocurrency and are deposited to a wallet that’s immediately accessible on the CredoEx cryptocurrency exchange, which currently supports 9 other currencies. This means that recipients of advertising via BitBounce Ads can easily convert their earnings into other currencies, helping them more easily realize this value and participate in the crypto economy.

BitBounce Ads provides advertisers with a novel way to reach and build loyalty with a fast growing audience of nearly half a million active BitBounce users.

Advertising campaigns can be run as both recurring, daily campaigns or on a one-off basis. Advertisers can pay for campaigns in either Credo or using a debit/credit card. If advertisers pay using a debit/credit card, their USD payments will be automatically converted to Credo via CredoEx.

For advertisers and marketers, BitBounce Ads has the potential to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing through the use of crypto incentives. A target audience member’s first interaction with an advertiser’s brand involves receiving a small payment for their attention, which helps build an immediate sense of reciprocity. The advertising emails sent via BitBounce Ads will also be more prominent for recipients. Advertising emails will be  clearly marked as “paid emails”, and have less competition for attention as BitBounce paywall users have other unsolicited, unpaid emails filtered out of their inbox.

Paid email advertisements via BitBounce Ads can become a part of any advertiser’s marketing portfolio alongside campaigns run via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and other mainstream platforms.

For consumers, BitBounce Ads can significantly increase their earnings from paid email and improve the financial opportunity of being an active user of BitBounce. BitBounce Ads pioneers Paid Ad Consumption as a new model for uplifting those in financial need with various potential advantages over proposals for a Universal Basic Income, such as allowing payments to be distributed to a global user base rather than to just a government’s constituents, an important measure for addressing the negative consequences of a global problem like automation-driven-job-loss.

BitBounce Ads currently supports a limited range of targeting options, such as sending campaigns to only users with a paywall price below a specified amount. More sophisticated targeting options including geo-targeting will be added in the coming months, in addition to algorithmic changes to facilitate more optimal serving of advertisements.

With BitBounce Ads in place, BitBounce offers a new deal for emailers: you’ll receive unsolicited marketing/advertising emails in your inbox, but now you’ll get paid for them.