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MailChimp Account Blocked? Pre-register with BitBounce

May 15, 2018


MailChimp Account Blocked? Pre-register with BitBounce

BitBounce has the solution for your blockchain email marketing needs.

MailChimp just blocked crypto and blockchain projects from using its email marketing service. This is the latest development in a wave of anti-blockchain policies adopted by incumbent advertising and marketing platforms in recent months. If nothing is done about these blanket policies, they could slow the spread of innovative crypto and blockchain-based solutions. That’s where BitBounce can come in.

We are bringing out the enterprise edition of BitBounce in late Q2. It will facilitate incentivized email marketing campaigns to your email lists and BitBounce consumer users. If you have a business or project you want to market, BitBounce Enterprise can be your go-to, pro-blockchain email marketing option.

If you’re interested in this, please pre-register for BitBounce Enterprise with your company’s details here:

Pre-Register for BitBounce Enterprise

As existing platforms retreat from this space, we’ll step forward to serve your needs. We look forward to working with you.