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10 Easy Ways to Make $100 Per Month Online

November 26, 2018


10 Easy Ways to Make $100 Per Month Online

Let’s face it. We can all use some extra cash. Whether you’re looking to pay off student loans, buy a car, or save up for a dream vacation – adding an extra $100 a month to your income can make a huge difference.

Not everyone has the time to put in extra hours or go out to look for a part-time job. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to make money on the side without having to leave the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and a solid internet connection!

Here are 10 ways you can start making money online today:

1. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping lets you open up an online store without worrying about production, inventory, packaging, or even shipping.

In this business model, your supplier is responsible for all product and delivery-related aspects. All you need to do is brand and sell the products – keeping the profits to yourself!

AliExpress is one of the most popular platforms for dropshipping. The huge retail marketplace is full of Chinese suppliers selling thousands of products in every imaginable category.

Most of the products on AliExpress are relatively cheap, which means you can sell them locally at market value and still enjoy high profit margins. The best part about dropshipping is you barely need any investment to get started – all you need to pay for is your website. Shopify, for example, lets you set up an online store for just $29 a month.

Online retail is a highly competitive market. To make your dropshipping business is a success, we recommend you pick a profitable niche and focus on creating value around your products. For more information on starting a dropshopping business, check out this blog post.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing lets you make money by promoting the products and services of certain companies. These affiliate links can live on a website, blog, or even a forum. Each time you make a sale, you earn a commission!

There are hundreds of reliable affiliate programs you can join – including those of Amazon and eBay.

Amazon’s affiliate program offers a flat commission rate for each product category, ranging from 1-10% for each product sold. A great way to promote Amazon products is by publishing genuinely helpful, high-quality product reviews, buying guides, and similar content online.

You can also join affiliate programs in specific niches, like travel and hospitality.

Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and all offer their own affiliate programs. You can earn anywhere from a 25 to 60 percent commission for each booking that results through your link.

You can find more programs to join through affiliate marketing networks, like ShareASale and Rakuten.

3. Find Freelance Work

One of the best ways to make money on the side is to sell your skills online.

Working freelance can help you earn over thousands of dollars every month. The key is to find out what you’re really good at and look for relevant freelance jobs to apply to.

There is a huge demand for freelancers in the writing, graphic design, translation, video editing, and web/app development niches.

Upwork, Fiverr, 99Designs, and Freelancer are some of the most popular platforms for freelance jobs.

4. Start a Blog

You can get paid for creating content around your lifestyle or topics you really care about with blogging. In fact, quality bloggers who create great content can make anywhere from $1000-10,000 a month, with popular blogs making much higher than that.

The key is to find an unsaturated niche, create amazing content that people genuinely find interesting and useful, and promote your blog through multiple channels. The best part is – you can do it for free!

WordPress, for example, lets you publish content for free using a subdomain (e.g. If you want your own domain, you can always purchase a hosting plan for less than $100 a year.

Once your blog is up and running, you can monetize it in different ways. Affiliate marketing, advertisements, and sponsorships are some of the most popular monetization channels for bloggers.

5. Share Your Knowledge

Are you a subject matter expert? Sharing your knowledge online can help you earn tons of cash on the side!

Teachable and Udemy, for example, let you design and sell your own courses. Depending on your portfolio and expertise, students/professionals from all over the world can purchase and benefit from your course.

You can also make some extra money by teaching English to foreigners. Gogokid and Teachaway offer multiple opportunities for online tutors, and can pay up to $30 an hour!

If you don’t want to sign up with a third-party, you can always set up your own YouTube channel and record video lectures. The more the views and subscribers, the higher the chances of getting paid through ads and sponsorships.

Another way to share your knowledge online is to answer questions. JustAnswer lets you sign up as an expert and answer various questions related to a particular subject. For every accepted answer, you get paid around $10-20!

6. Sell Your Old Stuff

Most of us have excessive stuff lying around the house. Here’s a thought: Why keep something you don’t need when you can make money off of it instead?

Platforms like eBay and Amazon help you connect with potential buyers. You can sell a wide range of used items here; old clothes, shoes, furniture, cameras, mobile phones, laptops – you name it!

If you own vintage items, like old paintings, limited-edition action figures, famous guitars or other memorabilia – you can make thousands of dollars selling this stuff online.

7. Sell Your Art

Whether you’re good at creating music, paintings, sketches, digital art, or even handmade crafts – there’s a place for every artist on the internet to connect with potential buyers.

For handmade sellers, Etsy is a popular choice. It’s the go-to platform for customers looking to purchase vintage or handcrafted items, like clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.

If you’re a photographer, you can sell high-quality photos to stock image websites, like Alamy, Shutterstock, and iStock Photo. Some of these sites offer up to a 50% royalty payment on each photo sold!

You can also sell your artwork to Print-On-Demand (POD) websites, like Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Teespring, and Threadless. These platforms let you upload your designs and sell them printed on different products, like t-shirts, mugs, cushions, notebooks, and mobile phone covers. For each product sold, you get to keep the profit!

8. Watch Videos

Watching videos online is something we all do during our free time. What you probably didn’t know is you can actually get paid to watch. You can earn up to $100 a month by simply watching trailers, freshly brewed content of upcoming vloggers, advertisements, and more.

Swagbucks rewards users for watching online videos in SBs, which are essentially points you can redeem for either gift cards or cash. Sadly, this method doesn’t pay much – you might need to watch a whopping 15,000 videos a month to earn only a hundred bucks.

If you like watching and have a lot of free time on your hands, though, this could be a great way to make some extra money on the side.

9. Participate in Online Surveys & Focus Groups

There are plenty of sites that actually pay you to answer surveys, like Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, and MyPoints.

Most of the surveys on Survey Junkie take around 5-20 minutes to complete and pay you $1-3 on average. You can also find some longer, more complicated surveys that offer up to $10 each. Depending on how much time you’re willing to invest, you can easily make up to $100 a month by taking these surveys.

You can also participate in paid focus groups online. Focus Pointe Global lets you earn anywhere from $45-250 by participating in online studies and sharing your valuable insights and opinions with the company.

10. Sign Up for BitBounce

What if you could earn money without having to do anything? BitBounce can help you do just that. BitBounce filters out spam email from your inbox and pays you extra cash on the side.

Here’s how it works:

BitBounce works with every email provider including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and others. After quickly signing up, set your contact list of those who can email you for free. Any unknown contacts not on this list will receive an autoresponder, notifying them to pay a fee to have their email delivered. If they pay up, their email gets through to your inbox. If they don’t, it automatically gets thrown into an “Unpaid” folder.

For each email that gets through, you get paid in the Credo cryptocurrency. You can either keep it, cash it in, or securely trade it for other cryptocurrencies on the integrated CredoEx exchange.

BitBounce is a great way to increase your productivity and make some extra passive income in the process. Win-win!

To sign up or learn more visit:

Ready to Make Money Online?

The internet makes it super easy to add an extra $100 to your income each month. All you need to do is put in some effort and hunt for opportunities that suit your skills and lifestyles.

This list will help you get started, but there are plenty of other ways to pocket that extra cash. Got any ideas? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments below.