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Pareto Rewards (PARETO) are now listed on CredoEx

February 5, 2019


Pareto Rewards (PARETO) are now listed on CredoEx

PARETO, the token powering the Pareto Network, is now live and available for trading on CredoEx.

Two new pairings are now available for PARETO Rewards on CredoEx with both a PARETO/CREDO and PARETO/USDC listing.

We are excited to work with the Pareto Network team to add liquidity options for their community via CredoEx as well as expand their marketing efforts via BitBounce Ads.

The Pareto Network is a peer to peer financial information platform which uses PARETO Rewards as a payment and incentives system.

The platform connects intel providers of financial information to clients, providing insight into trades, market inefficiencies and opportunities. Intel providers can earn valuable PARETO Rewards by sharing financial information that benefits clients in the network. You can read the Pareto Network White Paper here.



What is CredoEx?

CredoEx is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can securely trade the Credo cryptocurrency with more than 20 leading digital currencies, including four of the top five leading cryptocurrencies by market cap. The platform was launched to enable people to trade Credo, the token that supports the email service BitBounce.

CredoEx is built by BitBounce, an email service that pays customers in the Credo cryptocurrency for emails they receive from unfamiliar senders. CredoEx integrates directly with BitBounce, so users can trade their email earnings to more than twenty currencies seamlessly, but you don’t have to be a BitBounce user to trade on CredoEx.
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