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How One Company Achieved a 79% Open Rate and 20% Click Through Rate on Email Marketing Campaigns

March 4, 2019


How One Company Achieved a 79% Open Rate and 20% Click Through Rate on Email Marketing Campaigns

BitBounce email marketing connects you with millions of tech savvy users who leverage our email paywall and spam blocker.

This case study shows how one company achieved a 79% email open rate and 20% click through rate with BitBounce email ads. It highlights a great email subject line, engaging preview text, easy to read email template and a clear call-to-action button.

Recently we have been refining parts of our campaigns and are focused on bringing more relevant email campaigns to our users, while driving higher customer engagement for our advertising partners.

In this case study, we show how one BitBounce Email partner exceeded industry average email open and click through rates by 300% and 900%, respectively.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit is a BitBounce partner and has been driving signups for their tech industry event via BitBounce Ads.

Within 48 hours of launching their campaign, more than 79% of their emails were opened and more than 20% of recipients had clicked through to their website.

According to Mailchimp, the average email marketing campaign sees a 16.48% open rate and 1.74% click through rate.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit is an industry event featuring speakers, panels, exhibits and networking in the blockchain space. Organizers were directly focused on driving interest and paid ticket signups for  their event.

With BitBounce Ads, Paris Blockchain Week saw incredible results for their email campaigns.

Here were the campaign stats after 48 hours:  

Paris Blockchain Week - BitBounce Stats

Total impressions (emails sent): 1,942

Total Opens: 1,541

Total Clicks: 390

Cost for the campaign: $100

Cost per email open: $0.06

Cost per click: $0.26

This amounted to a 79% open rate and a 20% click through rate in 48 hours.


Here is a deeper dive into what made their campaigns so effective:

The Subject Line:

🇫🇷 You are invited to Paris Blockchain Week Summit

The subject line is short, distinctive and offers value to the recipient.

A great email subject line also speaks to the audience. This subject is all about “You”. It is not a “look at me” type of advertisement we all are used to ignoring.

Additionally, this campaign is a great example of how to use an emoji to drive higher email engagement. Emojis are attractive to more than just millennials; a single (and not more than 1) emoji in a subject line can increase open rates and engagement.

The Email Preview Text:

Can you join us in Paris this April? Exclusive invitation, ticket and access for BitBounce users to Paris Blockchain Week Summit this April 16-17.

The Email Preview Text is what the recipient sees before they open the email, and is what shows up on a phone lock screen or preview space on a web app.
In this example, there was an ask, an offer and a specific event/date. The recipient saw exactly what they needed before opening it, leading to more engaged users being interested in the email itself.

The Email Body:

PBWS BitBounce email

An easy to read template. BitBounce launched 3 effective email templates in January 2019 that resulted in consistently higher engagement.

In this example, the top image is followed by a headline (H3) and then a brief message.
Notice that there is only one direct action to be taken in the email – the prominent blue button.

The Call-to-Action:

BitBounce CTA Button

This campaign had a single call-to-action, or CTA, button. This gave the reader a clear path to convert.

CTA buttons on BitBounce Ads are customizable; you can edit the words, link, button size, font size and style, as well as the colors to match your brand.

In this case, the CTA was a direct link to the signup page for the event, and included a custom UTM link for easy tracking.

The Email Marketing Tool That Made it a Success:

BitBounce Ads is email marketing service that attaches micro payments to emails sent to millions of BitBounce users. BitBounce Paid Emails compensate users to view specific advertising emails and creates reciprocity between those businesses and their target customers.

You can learn more and sign up for your free account here.