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SWFTCoin (SWFTC) now listed for trading on CredoEx

August 8, 2018


SWFTCoin (SWFTC) now listed for trading on CredoEx

SWFTCoin (SWFTC) now listed for trading on CredoEx

We are excited to announce that SWFTCoin, which powers the SWFT Blockchain, is now available for trading on CredoEx.

CEO of BitBounce and CredoEx
Partner and CFO of SWFT Blockchain Alex Witt, Co-founder and CEO of BitBounce and CredoEx Stewart Dennis


SWFTCoin, the newest CredoEx listing, can be traded directly with CREDO.

SWFT Blockchain, and the SWFT Pro trading platform, enables users to make cross-chain cryptocurrency transfers to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Their novel system enables users to search from multiple liquidity sources and exchanges for the best available price.
One element that makes SWFT unique is the option for either centralized or decentralized transfers.

We believe that a crypto-economy built on digital currencies will soon become larger and more integral to global progress than the traditional economy. Enabling partnerships like this one with SWFT Blockchain is an important part of making it easier for new people to access the crypto-economy.

Credo is quickly becoming an integral part of the crypto-economy and you can now spend Credo earned via BitBounce on one more useful cryptocurrency token. 

You can start trading SWFTC today.

See you on the exchange!


What is CredoEx
CredoEx is a cryptocurrency exchange developed and brought to you by the Tim Draper backed team based in Silicon Valley that successfully launched and scaled the BitBounce service and the Credo token. CredoEx supports 14 cryptocurrency pairings with more added regularly. CredoEx was developed to be extremely fast, reliable, and secure, characteristics that are much needed in this product category.


What is BitBounce
BitBounce is a blockchain based email spam solution with more than 540,000 active users and more than 2,000,000 registered accounts that also allows users to be paid for emails in their inbox. BitBounce uses a cryptocurrency token called Credo. Fees charged to reach inboxes and to incentivize responses are paid in Credo. BitBounce also facilitates incentivized email marketing for businesses through which emails can be sent with cryptocurrency amounts attached.


What is Credo
Credo is the digital currency that lets BitBounce users protect their email inboxes. Credo acts as the token of exchange that allows emails from strangers to enter your inbox, and lets you get paid to receive them.


What is SWFT Blockchain (SWFTC)

SWFT Blockchain is a one-stop way for cross blockchain transactions. SWFT Blockchain is a next generation worldwide cross-chain transfer protocol. By utilizing blockchain, machine learning and big data, you can transfer cryptocurrencies in SWFT Blockchain with one click. Based in Silicon Valley, SWFT Blockchain has offices in Beijing and Tokyo. Download the mobile app to experience their cross blockchain cryptocurrency transfers. Learn more here.