What is Credo? What is Credo becoming?

April 22, 2019


What is Credo? What is Credo becoming?

Most countries have their own currency. Each of these currencies is valuable because it is accepted as a means of payment to buy and sell items within each country’s territory, and elsewhere too in some cases. As virtual domains created on the internet have expanded, the emergence of virtual currencies was perhaps a natural consequence. That consequence was finally made possible by the invention of blockchain with Bitcoin, and many other currencies have been minted on top of this technological breakthrough. Credo is one of these currencies, and serves as the currency of BitBounce’s virtual realm.

BitBounce’s virtual domain currently extends to over 4.5 million total users and is growing quickly. Within that domain, Credo can be used to purchase the following:

  • Communication access to an email paywall user
  • Advertising services
  • 22 other cryptocurrencies including the top 5 by market cap — BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, and LTC

Within the next few months, Credo will become usable to pay for transaction fees and security deposits for mining on the Credo Blockchain.

Ultimately, we aim to expand our virtual domain so that Credo can be used to purchase the attention of a substantial portion of the global population, as well as being easily convertible into nearly any other asset.

Credo has a number of properties that enable it to effectively serve as our currency, including:

  • Blockchain hosted: this gives you complete control and ownership of your Credo with private keys without the need for a middleman.
  • No new tokens: this means the value of your tokens won’t decrease through inflation.
  • Every coin is the same: so that each Credo you own is worth the same.

As part of our effort to make Credo into the best possible currency, it will soon be migrated from Ethereum to the Credo Blockchain mainnet. As this happens, we are committed to preserving all ownership positions along with the exact same limited supply.

In other words, we have substantial ambitions to expand BitBounce’s virtual realm and grow demand for Credo while technologically improving its implementation but the supply of Credo will remain finite to provide an incentive and reward for early believers and supporters of our cause.

If you are interested in supporting our cause, please complete this form to indicate that’s the case.