Bug Bounty
BitBounce has a bug bounty program for BitBounce, CredoEx, and BitBounce Ads. We offer a bounty of 1,000 Credo for any critical vulnerability that we are not already aware of that abides by our rules below.

Vulnerability Submission

Submission Rules

  • Don't attempt to gain access to another user's account or data.
  • Don't perform any attack that could harm the reliability/integrity of our services or data. DDoS/spam attacks are not allowed.
  • Don't publicly disclose a bug before it has been fixed.
  • Do not impact other users with your testing.
  • Don't use scanners or automated tools to find vulnerabilities.
  • Never attempt non-technical attacks such as social engineering, phishing, or physical attacks against our employees, users, or infrastructure.
  • When in doubt, contact us at [email protected]