The token of respect

Unsolicited email demands your attention for free—not anymore. Now, with BitBounce, get paid with the Credo token every time someone sends you an unsolicited email that is delivered to your inbox. We’re creating a market for email to make sure you get paid for your attention.

Attention Paid

The Coin

Credo is the token you earn when someone you don’t know sends you an unsolicited email. You can use the Credo you earn to send your own emails to people you don’t know, trade it for other currencies, or hold onto it as its power increases.

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The Product

BitBounce is the free email service that pays you Credo for every message you receive from an unfamiliar sender. BitBounce works with your existing email accounts.

  1. Sign up for free

    and connect your existing email accounts to BitBounce

  2. Sync your contacts

    and set a price to have emails delivered to your inbox from people you don’t know

  3. Get paid to receive

    in the Credo cryptocurrency for messages delivered to your inbox by unfamiliar senders

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The Result

Once you’ve earned Credo through BitBounce, you can trade it for other currencies on our cryptocurrency exchange CredoEx. To make sure you keep earning Credo through BitBounce, we’re launching an enterprise version that allows companies to send paid emails to you, compensating you for your attention.

Credo, BitBounce, BitBounce Enterprise, and CredoEx come together in a powerful engine to help you get paid for your attention.

The Greater Mission

Data is the new oil. The modern economy is built on your data and your attention. Social media, streaming, and search giants make money on your data and your attention.

We believe you should get paid for it! Our vision is to build an attention and data economy that rewards you. We’re starting with email but moving far beyond.

The Community

Credo owners are part of our larger mission to help people get paid for their attention. By earning Credo, Credo owners have the ability to attach Credo to the emails they send, powering their own communication, as well as get paid for their attention.

In the future, as more consumers and enterprises adopt BitBounce and drive demand for Credo, the communication power of Credo owners increases.

Raised in 2017 ICO

Want to Buy Credo?

There are two ways to get credo. The first is to sign up for BitBounce and the second is to trade with Ether on our own centralized exchange.

Our spam solution that pays you to receive emails

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Our centralized exchange to trade credo

Start Trading

Credo can also be traded on these exchanges:

  • EtherDelta
  • Tidex
  • Coinbene
  • DDEX
  • IDEX
  • HIB8
  • Kkcoin

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